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Courageous and Strong-Paper back

Courageous and Strong-Paper back

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Paperback Book 1 of the Six Elements of Change Series for children. Workbook included.

When a curious second grader loses his front teeth simultaneously, he wonders who he is now. Growing up and attending school is challenging for many younger people. There are multiple ways to determine who a child is via tv, books, parents, family, and social media. Parents find themselves at a crossroads when helping their children identify who they are. Designed to help parents and children define the true essence of who their child is in an ever-changing world that sometimes makes it hard to identify themselves without feeling lost.

Join Sampson, a second-grade lion eager to learn everything from his older sister Summer. This first book of the children's series, "The Six Elements of Change," is designed to teach children about the characteristics that define them as individuals.

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